About Doodly

πŸ“· Plush Design Studio via UNSPLASH

πŸ“· Plush Design Studio via UNSPLASH


It all started when…

Freelance Writer and one half of Doodly, Rebecca, started attending counselling sessions for anxiety. It was suggested that she perhaps be more intentional about having some fun. Already finding enjoyment through her writing, she decided to pick up an old pastime - journaling.

Writing down how we feel can be a form of stress relief. It allows us to pour out our worries or tangled thoughts onto a page and turn it from something of burden into something of beauty. So Rebecca, along with her husband Sam, created Doodly to share this tool with others.

The name Doodly comes from our belief that simple doodles on the page can be just as joyful and pretty as a complex work of art. You can have a beautiful journal full of intellectual quotes and watercolour paintings, or you can have a few lines written here and there with a rough doodle of your beloved pet. There is no pressure, no standards, it is for you and only you. The joy is in the doing.

Doodly was formed to share in the delight of this and build a community of adults re-learning how to have fun through creativity. We aim to bring you beautiful products along with simple tips and tricks to help you along your way. Most importantly, we hope to be a form of support for those feeling a little jumbled inside β€οΈπŸ“’