Doodly Guide: Essential Journaling Supplies

Hello, how are you? We hope you’re doing OK. This is a great guide for beginners or those of you trying to cut down on your stationery obsession (can you give us a hand? 😫) We want to keep joy in journaling by taking away the feeling of pressure or being overwhelmed. Come and swoon at stationery with us…

Pens Doodly

People are often deterred from journaling or keeping a diary because they think they can’t commit. The thing to remember here is, it is yours, you make the rules (or break them). There is no pressure to write everyday or create fantastic pieces of art. Sometimes it’s all the more special when we find ourselves recording significant events or even just thoughts that span over months or even years. It is a wonderful thing to look back on.


One thing that can be particularly overwhelming is the extent of products available. It’s tempting to run out and buy a whole new selection of stationery products, but we’re here to tell you that you really don’t need to, if you don’t want to. Here are our must have items to get started:

  1. Journal/ Notebook - Well this one is pretty obvious but you are going to need somewhere to put that pen to paper. Here at Doodly we love the quality and luxurious feel of the dotted Leuchtturm1917. The dots act as a great guide without being as intrusive as lines or grids.

    If you prefer a flexible soft cover journal then we recommend the Rhodia Rhodiarama soft cover dotted notebook.


2. Pencil - Whether you prefer a good old HB or a nifty mechanical, a pencil is always going to be high priority when planning out your journal pages or being able to quickly scribble things down that you can neatly update later.


3. Black Fineliner - This is definitely an essential bit of kit. You can write neatly and compactly especially if you go for a small nib, but you can also use it to outline drawings or hand lettering so you will get sooo much use out of it. When it comes to fineliners, nothing is more perfect than a Sakura Pigma Fineliner.


4. Small Ruler - This is perhaps not essential, however here at Doodly we use our 6 inch ruler all the time. It is the perfect size for an A5 notebook or journal and fits neatly into your pencil case. Plus it’s seriously cute because it’s mini so what’s not to love?


5. Colourful Pen Set - Whether this is brush pens for fun lettering, or just some colourful felt tips it doesn’t matter! We all feel like adding a little colour to our page sometimes. You don’t have to be an art whizz to create something beautiful, and if it’s beautiful to you that’s all that matters.

You could use the pens to create a colourful title or text boxes to break up the page, it can be as simple or as complex as you like. If you are going for a Brush Pen Doodly recommends Tombow Dual Brush Pens, in our opinion they are the most user friendly and anyone from beginner to expert can have fun with them! If it’s just a good coloured felt tip you’re after, we love Crayola Supertips, you can even create faux calligraphy with this versatile beauties.

We hope this inspires you to get started. If you are looking for a fun, creative kit then check out our ‘Bundle of Joy’ starter kit. Make sure you follow us on instagram and tag us in any purchases or creations you make using our products.