Doodly Guide: Journaling for Beginners


Today’s guide is all about taking those first steps into journaling. If you’ve thought about writing regularly but just don’t know where to start then this guide should help you get started.

Journal and Pen Doodly

If you’re yet to try journaling but have no idea where to start, here is our quick list of tips to taking those first steps:

  1. Write a little and often - Try and set aside time each day to write, in order to start journaling it has to be realistic. Have a think about times in the day where you’re not that busy or would perhaps just spend time scrolling on your phone and replace this with a few minutes of writing. This will help you to get in the habit of journaling regularly.

  2. Keep it simple -  Keep your journal and pen handy. Keep it in your bedside table or handbag where you are likely to see it often or be able to access it quickly when you think of something to jot down. If you prefer to make your writing pretty, like me, then you may be fussy about neatness in your journal. I overcome this by keeping a pencil with my journal so I can jot things quickly on a page and replace it with pretty penned writing later.

  3. No pressure - Remember your journal is just for you, it doesn’t need to meet any standards or requirements, it’s about how it makes you feel and if that becomes stressful then you’re not doing it right. The joy should be in the doing. It’s your secret place to share your innermost thoughts and feelings and the beauty of that is you take away the worry of what others might think!

  4. Journal for you - This leads to my next point, there is no need to share the contents of your journal with anyone. You can also use your journal for whatever you like, it may start as just your thoughts and evolve into something very different, but this doesn’t matter! There are so many examples of journals or Bullet Journals on the internet but really your journal is unique to you, don’t get bogged down by aesthetics or uniformity.

Keeping a journal helps you to find a little calm amongst the chaos of the world. You can gain a better perspective of who you are by jotting down your thoughts, fears or everyday accomplishments. You will learn more about what makes you tick and that which makes you feel a little sad or anxious. It should be a relaxing and calming activity so perhaps make sure you settle down to do it at a time you won’t be interrupted in a place that reflects that feeling of calm. Light a candle or listen to some instrumental music that doesn’t interfere with your thought patterns; do whatever you need to promote that feeling of relaxation and release stress. Above all you should look forward to this time and it should bring about a feeling of joy knowing you are doing something positive for yourself.

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